A Cottage on the Coast

There is a Wampanoag belief that the Creator created the first man and woman out of rocks but they wouldn’t love each other like the Creator intended, as they were cold and hard. So he tried again with trees. This worked, as they were full of life and love, and they gave birth to two daughters who contained as much love as their parents, but there was no man for them. The Creator, noticing this, spotted some sea foam that was full of live, so he used it to create the first boy with as much love as the tree people. The sea foam boy and the tree daughter then became lovers, and this gave birth to the human beings of Turtle Island.

A cottage on the coast,

Floating down the sea.

Where did it come from?

What might it be?

A mystery,

Is what it is.

With trees in the window,

And sea foams that fizz.

It floats down gently,

Following the current,

With the graceful rapids,

That rock and turn it.

But the trees still stand,

For they are deeply rooted

Within the house,

Where they remain suited

To travel the world,

To explore its pleasures,

To explore its horrors,

To explore its leisures.

With the foam,

That gets slightly washed away,

And then replenished,

If the waves may.

This little cottage,

To the trees, it gave a home,

As well as a place

For the sea foam.

The foam that will

Slip into the door,

And help give birth

To some trees more.

And then the cycle,

Will begin again,

With more trees

That will travel to men.

Originally uploaded June 3, 2016

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