Author: thelattedogofficial

Walls Shall Fall

The uneven surface of the walls, Made completely of limestone bricks, They topple down with just a push From the hurricane’s wind licks. A little ways from all else, As down all the walls shall fall. From the ashes to ashes, dust to dust, The..

Politics AKA This is NOT what I wanted to discuss

Politics, Politics oh golly my, A subject that balances facts with lies. Politics, politics oh golly me, Probably not the talk to have over tea. For as the subject turns brutal, and you talk about sin, You’ll find your tea, from your cup, all over..

A Dark and Stormy Night

The Clouds are gray, and the forest is quite a sight, It is what happens, on a dark and stormy night. Watch and see, as the remnants of magic fade, Gaze upon this most beautiful trade. See the color drain slightly from the leaves, As..


Do you know, as well as me, about a twig, from the olive tree. The wise tree, from which life starts, from which life ends, and body and soul part. Do you know, about the fruit? For some form of god, it might suit. Do..


“I am not a label” is what many say. What do you think they have to do all day? Are they combating the problems of today through their keyboards’ words? What turds some of those people can be. What do they see, what do they..

A Cottage on the Coast

There is a Wampanoag belief that the Creator created the first man and woman out of rocks but they wouldn’t love each other like the Creator intended, as they were cold and hard. So he tried again with trees. This worked, as they were full..


“Is everything ready, Luca?” my grandmother said to me. I was just finishing the last bit of packing that I needed to do. I had a red backpack with everything I wanted to bring with me. “Yes nana, everything is ready,” I said to her…


My friend died last year at around this time. He was my best friend in the whole wide world, and we would always do everything together. We would go biking, skateboarding, play video games and swim together. We would hang out often because my parents..