Category: Poems

They Chirp at Night

It’s night There are frogs outside Hiding in the grass and flowers No light Except for the stars, worldwide Shining through the late night hours Evening full Of the chirping frogs All sounding out of order Tides pull And push back the sog It made..

Holiday for Empathy

As the snow falls in the northern world And the gifts packed under the fir are unfurled Let it be known what it is today Let the joy for all be on display Your hearts, I hope to touch While I know this small verse..

The Pen of a Poet

The pen of a poet with a low wit has nothing to do with the shoe of those who wrote their prose before them. The same tool can be filled with the drool of those idiots who pivot their pens on the paper to make..

The Manipulator

A painter of reality itself To many a loyal fan. A main player of his base’s shelf Of lies with dishonorable plans A guy with the tally to push around A man smaller than he Without the skills to predict the sound Of the outcries..

Political Nihilism

What is the meaning of political leanings if all they cause are fights? What is the definition of political ambition if all of politics is shite? Why do we care about foreign affairs if we want to keep them out? What is the use of..

To Hold On To You Forever

I love how your hair is so beautiful And that your skin is so smooth to the touch When you are singing, me to sleep you lull For it’s so peaceful when you sing so much The love I had for you matched no others..

Black and White Rainbow

The static clears and the world is set With Dorothy staring into the sunset As well as a rainbow so far away That must have been colored white and gray This black and white rainbow That has been so dull What is there to show..

Walls Shall Fall

The uneven surface of the walls, Made completely of limestone bricks, They topple down with just a push From the hurricane’s wind licks. A little ways from all else, As down all the walls shall fall. From the ashes to ashes, dust to dust, The..

Politics AKA This is NOT what I wanted to discuss

Politics, Politics oh golly my, A subject that balances facts with lies. Politics, politics oh golly me, Probably not the talk to have over tea. For as the subject turns brutal, and you talk about sin, You’ll find your tea, from your cup, all over..

A Dark and Stormy Night

The Clouds are gray, and the forest is quite a sight, It is what happens, on a dark and stormy night. Watch and see, as the remnants of magic fade, Gaze upon this most beautiful trade. See the color drain slightly from the leaves, As..