“I am not a label” is what many say.

What do you think they have to do all day?

Are they combating the problems of today through their keyboards’ words?

What turds some of those people can be.

What do they see, what do they want?

Do you need an apology? In what font?

Tell me what you need, so the problem I can alleviate it quickly

Before you fickly lynch me.

Blame it on the “labels” people say,

Or whatever they’re upset about today.

Establishment, classes, races, oh gee,

For me? Really, I’m the one you set your pointer on?

Thanks a ton, for the blacklisting you’ve done.

On me. I thank thee for thy generosity

For getting rid of the problem by killing them.

All of those, whose prose wound themselves into the scandal at hand.

Rid the label, rid the problem

Follow the forum, do what it says.

Look at Dez, he’s got likes

And since he called out the guy who used “dyke,” he clearly knows

What these blows are doing.

So start suing, onto the bandwagon, wanna come with?

Congrats, you’re fifth. Shout it for the world to hear,

and maybe some love for you will appear.

These people don’t know,

That this is just a show, put on every so often.

So hop into the bandwagon, you’re one million.

I’ll fill you in later, here hate her.

She used labels like hispanic and black,

Isn’t she just a fat sack of shit?

People aren’t labels, that’s just a fable.

Just like a sweet smelling rose who, despite her foes,

Will still smell sweet. So take a seat

And forget, that language is just a set

Of labels that we use to communicate with.

What is it do they want,

because their “SJ” is not justice

And They won’t listen to anything I say

So why did I even write this?

Originally uploaded June 4, 2016. Registered & Protected PUGW-8NAR-LNIR-FGAR

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