The Manipulator

A painter of reality itself

To many a loyal fan.

A main player of his base’s shelf

Of lies with dishonorable plans

A guy with the tally to push around

A man smaller than he

Without the skills to predict the sound

Of the outcries that shall spree.

A manipulator that dons titles

To distract from the man he is.

So he can keep his sheep from eating his vitals

And claim their value as his.

A builder that creates a great wall

Between his practices and image.

Thus when his wall is threatened to fall,

He makes excuses using his lineage.

A disgusting human who cannot admit

That he has ever done wrong,

Due to the throne, he crafted of shit,

Being threatened to topple with someone else’s song.

So go ahead, and do what you will;

Whatever moves you plan to make.

Although your followers now protect you still,

You better watch out, for your sake.

Originally uploaded on October 31, 2016