The Pen of a Poet

The pen of a poet

with a low wit has nothing to do

with the shoe of those

who wrote their prose before them.

The same tool

can be filled with the drool

of those idiots who pivot

their pens on the paper to make a dot

and sell it as a caper.

The words they write

have as much bite as the spot

of spit they made

or, more accurately, laid on the sheet

and could easily be beat by

a small cinder that would lie on their pad

and hinder them.

However, ink may be read even after some smolder

and can age even older than saliva,

which evaporates under very little  heat.

This is more than enough reason to take a seat

and learn to write with ink

Originally uploaded on December 1, 2016 Registered & Protected CFFB-GWNA-IUJX-YAL8