The Beginning of a Development of a New Ideology

Hello there, internet readers,

I decided to make a series on forming my own political, social, economical, and whatever ideologies. I am doing this so I can eventually write a complete work on it, as I am continually fascinated by the philosophies and ideals that I get exposed to everyday. Here I am simply going to catalog my everyday learnings and such until I can finally have a full picture of everything I have ever considered and thought about.

Here’s a list of topics I plan to research:

  • Economic theory and philosophy
  • Morality
  • Psychology and psychiatry
  • Technology
  • The entertainment industry
  • The internet
  • How to better mankind/if we should
  • Freedom of art
  • Freedom of expression/what kind of expression should be allowed/what should be considered expression
  • Trading
  • Cooperation vs Competition

And many more. Oh boy, this is going to be a long series of blog posts.