Where to Start? Probably With Psych- stuff…

There are a lot of places I want to draw from. In fact, this series is more for me to educate myself on the many issues facing the world today. I have looked at many places in my searches in order to figure out how I should interact with the world. Anarchist and Marxist political theorists were some of those places, along with many philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche, Emmanuel Kant, and even modern philosophers like Slavoj Zizek. Now, I have not read a lot of their works, but I have familiarized myself with them through blogs and videos explaining the views they espouse (along with talks that the more modern people gave recently on YouTube).

While I think that all these thinkers have many great points to make, I think that any ideology that affects how humans operate should look at, well, how humans operate. As such, I believe my starting point should be psychology or at least some study of behavioral patterns of humans. I personally believe that things like psychology, psychiatry, and even branches like neuroscience and neuropsychology will give me a greater insight into how people operate. I believe that if you want to analyze the situations surrounding a person and want to declare how a society of people should organize itself, then you should at least familiarize yourself with what drives a person.

The sources I plan to use will most likely be whatever books I can get my hands on, including books from FreePsychotherapyBooks.org along with whatever articles and papers that I find and deem trustworthy (I will still document sources that may look less than trustworthy on first glance for transparency’s sake). If anyone has any individual person or organization that I should look into, then please let me know.

I will be back tomorrow discussing and analyzing what I have learned and read.

Currently Reading (All these books can be downloaded from the site mentioned above):
The Wisdom of the Ego by George E. Vaillant
The Self and Therapy by Jerome D. Levin
Beyond Freud: A Study of Modern Psychoanalytic Theorists edited by Joseph Reppen

Have Read (all of these are articles and are hyperlinked for you to go to):
Psychoanalysis today by Peter Fonagy
Understanding How Our Brains Learn by Christopher Chase
Why Freud Still Matters, When He Was Wrong About Almost Everything by George Dvorsky